Our Fleet

We deliver your fresh produce in clean, fully temperature controlled trucks that are sanitized on a routine schedule. Adhering to strict maintenance guidelines for our trucks, we keep them in top running condition at all times. 

All of our friendly and professional drivers are fully licensed, bonded, and in uniform. Our driver information system includes instant communication between dispatch and drivers.
Analysis of our GPS tracking information helps us improve delivery schedules and productivity.  The result is a higher level of efficiency, minimizing our carbon footprint and ensuring on-time deliveries for our customers.

It takes a great team to deliver the highest quality fresh fruit and produce to so many customers. FreshPoint Connecticut works around the clock to meet our customers' needs.

More Features

You now have options to:

  • Detailed and Summarized Usage Reports
  • Invoice Credit Inquiries
  • Customized Order Guides based on day, sequence & item
  • Detailed Order History
  • Detailed Shopping Cart visualizations
  • Customized & itemized inventory sheets
  • User assignment per department
  • Unlimited e-confirmations

South FLorida:

Around the Rind is the perfect way to plan your cheese plate with a listing of Specialty and Imported Cheeses


The Chefs Toy Box is a collection of weekly specials and unique items.